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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sims Social Free Gifts Links and Cheats

The Sims: Latest Cheat in Facebook Updates

A strategic life-simulation computer game developed by Maxis Called "The Sims", It is a simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual persons ("Sims") in a suburban household near SimCity.

Gameplay and Design Features
Instead of objectives, the player is encouraged to make his or her own choices and engage in the interactive environment with non-player characters. This has helped the game successfully attract casual gamers.

Sims are instructed by the player to interact with objects, such as a television set, or other sims. Sims may receive guests, invited or not, from other playable lots or from a pool of unhoused NPC sims. and now you can play "The Sim Socials" on Facebook: Click Here!

Free 1000 Simoleons

List of Free Gift Links

Gift NameDate UpadateGift Link
ThanksGiving Turkey11.21.2011Link Here
Small Water Plant11.21.2011Link Here
2000 Simoleons11.20.2011Link Here
x3 Contracts11.20.2011Link Here
x3 Fury11.19.2011Link Here
+5 Energy11.19.2011Link Here
x2 Hope11.19.2011Link Here
250 Simoleons11.19.2011Link Here
200 Social Points11.19.2011Link Here
x2 Muse11.19.2011Link Here
LookForward illume11.19.2011Link Here
Specimen F Plant11.19.2011Link Here
2,000 Simoleons11.18.2011Link Here
Free Relaxation11.18.2011Link Here
Dunkin Matic 500011.18.2011Link Here
700 Simoleons11.18.2011Link Here
Inspired Potion11.17.2011Link Here
100 Simoleons11.17.2011Link Here
3 Energy11.16.2011Link Here
Muse11.16.2011Link Here
Inspired Potion11.16.2011Link Here
Calligraphy Calendar11.16.2011Link Here
Go Go Noodle11.16.2011Link Here
150 Simoleons11.15.2011Link Here
600 Social Points11.13.2011Link Here
1000 Social Points11.12.2011Link Here
150 Social Points11.12.2011Link Here
Inspired Potion11.09.2011Link Here
200 Social Points11.08.2011Link Here
500 Social Points11.07.2011Link Here
300 Simoleons11.06.2011Link Here
150 Simoleon11.06.2011Link Here
2500 Simoleons11.05.2011Link Here
10 Energy11.05.2011Link Here
2000 Simoleons11.04.2011Link Here
1000 Simoleons11.04.2011Link Here
600 Simoleons11.04.2011Link Here
500 Social Points11.03.2011Link Here
3x Muse11.03.2011Link Here
1.000 Simoleons11.02.2011Link Here
3 Energy11.02.2011Link Here
Fear11.02.2011Link Here
3 Energy11.01.2011Link Here
200 Simoleons11.01.2011Link Here
3 Energy11.01.2011Link Here
Uninteresting Books10.31.2011Link Here
700 Social Points10.30.2011Link Here
200 Social Points10.28.2011Link Here
Toasting Drinks10.26.2011Link Here
Sims 3 Pet Poster10.26.2011Link Here
Fury10.25.2011Link Here
Love10.25.2011Link Here
150 Simoleons10.24.2011Link Here
Goodwill10.21.2011Link Here
500 Social Points10.21.2011Link Here
Sunflower10.20.2011Link Here
Thornus Opticus10.20.2011Link Here
2x Energy10.20.2011Link Here
Axe Prop10.18.2011Link Here
3x Furry10.15.2011Link Here
200 Simoleons10.14.2011Link Here
500 Social Points10.14.2011Link Here
Relaxation10.08.2011Link Here
2.000 Simoleons 10.02.2011Link Here
Small Water Plant09.11.2011Link Here
Pogo-Player09.11.2011Link Here
1.000 Simoleons09.08.2011Link Here

Hack for the first time
You want to share a gift to your friends without searching for latest hack and free links. Sure you can, because from now on, i teach you how they collect the link and save. Here's the tricks!

Every time you receive a gift from "The Sims Social", Please kept in mind that your friends are needed that also, so copy the above token address and paste in any text file application like "notepad.exe" then save. Give "The Sims Social" token link to your friend and "PASTE" in her/his Address Bar and Hit Enter.

For Latest Update of Free Links
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