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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Basic HTML Tutorial - Free Reference Guide for Beginners No Software Needed

In This Page I Introduce You The Basic Fundamental of HTML; No Software Needed to Install and Create Your First Web Page, Just Only A Simple Text Editor called "NOTEPAD.EXE", Insert the code, Save your Type File As "All files", Then Name the file as index.html and Click Save.

Hyper Text Markup Language or also known as HTML; A Basic Building Blocks of Web Pages. Mostly Browser Read all HTML Element tags inside your document content and Interpret them into TABLE, DIVISION, IMAGE, VIDEOS and MUSIC. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. It can also embed scripts in languages such as JavaScript, CSS , PHP , ASP and other latest Program language. which affect the behavior of HTML Web pages.

Note: To create an HTML Webpage, you should Start in tag <HTML> and End with </HTML>. However, Not all browsers support HTML tags and their attributes, so you must try to test your pages, as in many browsers as you can.

Lets Start from a Scratch:
Open a text editor "NOTEPAD.EXE"
See the Image Guide:


html basic reference guide

html basic fundamental guide

Lets Discuss all HTML tags we used

<TITLE> ... </TITLE>

The <title> tag defines the title of the document and defines a title in the browser toolbar, search engine and favorites when it added.

<TITILE> Your text title must insert here </TITLE>

<HEAD> ... </HEAD>

The head element is a container for all the head elements. Elements inside can include scripts, instruct the browser where to find style sheets, provide meta information, and more.

The following tags can be added to the head section:
<base>, <link>, <meta>, <script>, <style>, and <title>.

<BODY> ... </BODY>

The body element defines the document's body.The body element contains all the contents of an HTML document, such as text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists, form, frame and etc..The <body> tag is supported in all major browsers over the internet.

<BODY Attributes="Description"> insert your document content or body tags here </BODY>

Attributes can be Optional, Standard or Event;

    Standard Attributes are:
  • class = Classname that specifies a classname for an element
  • dir = rtl or ltr it depend on how you specify the text direction for the content in an element
  • id = id that specify a unique id for an element
  • lang = language code that specify the content in an element
  • style = Specify an inline style for an element
  • title = Text that specify extra information about an element
    Event or Event Handler Attributes are:
  • onclick = Script to be run on a mouse click.
  • ondblclick = Script to be run on a mouse double-click.
  • onload = Script to be run when a document load.
  • onmousedown = Script to be run when mouse button is pressed.
  • onmousemove = Script to be run when mouse pointer moves.
  • onmouseout = Script to be run when mouse pointer moves out of an element.
  • onmouseover = Script to be run when mouse pointer moves over an element.
  • onmouseup = Script to be run when mouse button is released.
  • onkeydown = Script to be run when a key is pressed.
  • onkeypress = Script to be run when a key is pressed and released.
  • onkeyup = Script to be run when a key is pressed and released.
  • onunload = Script to be run when a key is pressed and released.
    Optional Attributes are:
  • vlink = Specifies the color of the visited links in a document.
  • alink = Specifies the color of an active link in a document.
  • background = Specifies a background image for a document.
  • bgcolor = Specifies the background color of a document.
  • link = Specifies the default color of unvisited links in a document.
  • text = Specifies the color of the text in a document.

The following tags can be added to the <body> section: <form> ,<iframe> ,<frame> ,<img> ,<object> ,<table> ,<textarea> ,<hr> ,<div> ,<font> ,<b> ,<i> ,<u> ,<span> ,<button> ,<input> ,<br> and etc..

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