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Friday, March 11, 2011

Create your Basic Program by using QBasic 4.5 (Full) Programming language

QuickBASIC Program run mainly in MS-DOS 5 mode and can create a simple application in DOS environment. QB is an Integrated Development Environment (or IDE) and compiler for the BASIC programming language that was developed by Microsoft.

QuickBASIC continues to be used in some schools, usually as part of an introduction to programming, though it is fast becoming replaced by more popular compilers.It also has an unofficial community of hobby programmers who use the compiler to write games, GUIs and utilities in DOS Mode. But Nowadays, Programmers often use DOS emulators, such as DOSBox, to run QuickBASIC on Linux and on modern hardware that no longer supports the compiler

Recently, a set of TCP/IP routines for QuickBASIC v4.5 and 7.1 has revitalized some interest in the software. In particular, the vintage computer hobbyist community has been able to write software for old computers that run DOS, allowing these machines to access other computers through a LAN or the internet. This has allowed systems even as old as an 8088 to serve new functions, such as acting as a Web server or using IRC Internet Relay Chat our best example client is mIRC.

Microsoft's Visual Basic was the successor of QuickBASIC. Other compilers, like PowerBASIC and FreeBASIC, have varying degrees of compatibility. QB64, a multiplatform QuickBASIC compiler, is being developed and aims to be 100% compatible according to wikipedia.

If you want to try or use this program you need to know the basics of QBasic programming. The QBasic language is made of instructions called statements. The statements must be written according to what is called "QBasic syntax rules". You can visit the Help section of QBasic for further information on how to write a proper syntax or see live samples with a basic guide on how to use this program. Here

Sample QBasic Command.
Open DOS Prompt in C:\ Directory, Type 'QBASIC' and Press Enter.
Type the following 3 line statement below.

PRINT "QBasic test Hello World"

Note: Make sure you have QBasic installed in your computer before do the following.

1. The CLS statement tells the computer to Clear The Screen
2. The COLOR statement tells the computer to Set a Color Attributes of Console Output
3. While PRINT statement tell the computer what text to display on the screen.

Download Qbasic_v4.5: Here

Note: You can Post your Sample Basic Program as comment for our beginners..

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  1. CLS
    LET number = 10
    LET number = number + 5
    PRINT number

  2. PRINT ".::My Menu::."
    PRINT "Press 1 to clear the screen, or 2 to say 'Hello'!"
    INPUT "What do you want to do"; choice
    IF choice = 1 THEN GOTO X
    IF choice = 2 THEN GOTO Y
    X: CLS
    PRINT "Done."
    Y: PRINT "Hello, hello, hello!"

  3. PRINT "Try to guess the number I am thinking of between 1 and 10."
    PRINT "You get 3 chances."
    INPUT "First chance"; number
    IF number = 3 THEN GOTO gotit
    PRINT "Sorry!"
    INPUT "Second chance"; number
    IF number = 3 THEN GOTO gotit
    PRINT "Ooh!"
    INPUT "Last chance"; number
    IF number = 3 THEN GOTO gotit
    PRINT "Sorry! The number was 3!"
    gotit: PRINT "You win! Good job!"

  4. DO UNTIL a = 10
    try = try + 1
    PRINT "Try number"; try
    PRINT "Guess the Hidden Number!"
    INPUT "Well"; a


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