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Monday, August 24, 2009

Useful Windows XP/7/Vista Tips,Tweaks,Tricks and Hacks Collect By CodeCatcher


Edit Your Mozilla FireFox Web Browser using Stylish version 1.0.9 or latest

Before/ With out Stylish 1.0.9

After/With Stylish 1.0.9

Stylish makes you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, And Many other Sites. You can Install this Style manager in your Mozilla FireFox Add-ons but be Sure you have the latest version of Mozilla FireFox.
Here's the Download link of Stylish 1.0.9. Click Here and try this Boost for Facebook 9.9.2 add-ons Click here


Tips on how to change your Mozilla fireFox Browser Themes.

To Edit Themes in your Mozilla FireFox you must download version v3.0 or latest Here's the link of the latest version v3.6.3 of Mozilla Firefox Download Firefox Setup v3.6.3: Here

Then install and download add-ons themes Here


Tips on How to Download Your Favorite Music in VideokeMan and Convert to MP3 file Format in a Minute.

The URL of VKM must look like these:

find this URL in EMBED Code and Copy And Paste in Your FireFox Browser. Note: You must not have QuickTime Installed to Download VKM file or UnInstalled First Before Saving the VKM file in Firefox.

To Convert your VKM Format to MP3 file Format
Download the Video To 3GP Converter


Animate Your Browser Tags Element By using this Simple Java Script.

Copy and Paste this Script in your IE or Firefox Address Bar.

Select All or Ctrl + A

Note: Find the Line code getElementsByTagName("img"), The "img" tag is the one will Twirl. Change the img name tag into Div name "TAG" if you Like to Animate All The DIV Section of your Browser. The Code Increase ++1 if you Enter it Twice.



System Services usually run at Startup and Every Startup your PC Consume of Memory Depend on how Many Services you Use. So, if you can disable one or More System Services. That your System really don’t Need with out errors why don’t you try. It can increase your Free Space Memory. If you Want, Run "MSCONFIG" then Disable the Following list of System Services. Make Sure you know what services you Disable.

Application Layer Gateway Service,
Application Management
Automatic Updates
Background Intelligent Transfer
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Distributed Transaction Coordinater
Error Reporting Service
Fast User Switching Compatibility
IMAPI CD-Burning
Indexing Service
IPSEC Services
Net Logon
Net Meeting
Remote Desktop Sharing
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
Portable Media Serial Number
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
Remote Registry
Secondary Logon
SSDP Discovery Service
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Upload Manager
Wireless Zero Configuration
WMI Performance Adaptor


Tips on how to download Music Videos in youtube with out any installed Software.Just Follow the Image Guide on How to Download. And Convert your Videos into Different Kind of Format you Want.

"type kick before youtube.com"

Select the Output Format and Click "GO" after the loading Finish Right Click the "Down" Button and Choose "Save Link As." or Download Youtube Converter with FulL Serial: Here



Disable or Stop Auto CHKDSK Scan During Windows Startup

CHKDSK command being automatically run if your computer was not improperly shut down. You can get blue colored screen on start up that’s says “Checking file system on C: The type of the file system is NTFS. One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue. To skip disk checking, press any key within 10 seconds(s). To Stop, Simply pressing ESC button to stop CHKDSK from running but when you restart your computer, you’ll get this prompt again.

To Disable or Stop Auto CHKDSK During Windows bootup..
Heres the keys:

CHKDSK from starting up is using the /x switch on chkntfs command in command prompt. The /x switch will exclude a drive from the default boot-time check. If you have drive C: as your hard drive, then the command to disable chkdsk from scanning C: drive would be:

chkntfs /x c:

If you have 2 drive, C and D, you can disable chkdsk with the command below

chkntfs /x c: d:

The chkntfs utility works by modifying the BootExcecute value in the system registry. The BootExecute value is located in the following registry key:

Lock a folder in windows XP using CMD

* Create a New Folder in Drive C Rename it as "Images" without quotes.
* Now open Command Prompt from Start Menu or type in Run Command "CMD" without quotes and hit Enter.
* Type "attrib +s +h C:\Images" without quotes and press enter.
* This command will Make your folder invisble and it cannot be seen even you unchecked show hidden files and folders Option.
* To make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\Images"

Note: This command can use to see some hidden files and folder in your Portable Drive... "USB drive and Digital Camera" ... Known as virus that hide the folder and files and changed all your file names into shortcuts. like [Images.LNK][Videos.LNK]and Digital Camera Images [DCIM.LNK]

To solve the issue:

First Delete all the files that auto enable at startup ["autorun.inf"] file. Download USB Disk Security: Here

We assume That Pen drive letter is E: Now Open Command Prompt and Enter this command:

"attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.*" without quotes and Press enter.

The (E) letter is your PEN DRIVE and (*.*) it means all files and Folder or wild card. You can Replace the E letter to your Pen Drive Letter..



Simple Tweak in Facebook Profile
Using JavaScript Language

To Do This Simply Open Your Facebook, Just Login to your FB Account and Click Profile or Home. Copy The Script Above And Paste In Your Browser Address Bar then Hit ENTER And Your Done. Now Look Your Profile and You Will See What Happen. The Result of this Script is to Hide And Show your Facebook Notification Button or ID Name $('fbNotificationsJewel'). I'll Give You Another List of ID Name that Can be use in Script. Instead of ('fbNotificationsJewel') you can also use ('globalContainer') , ('pageHead') and ('pageLogo'). Your Home, Profile and Logout are located in Page Head section. So, If you insert and include 'pageHead' in your Javascript to Tweak. All Page Head Division will be Blink while Page Logo is Your FaceBook Image Logo Will Blink. Sound Interesting right but listen carefully. The script might be work or maybe not depending on how you copy and paste or what address bar you use.

    Some Reason Why The Script Wont Work in your first Try.
  • First is they Don't Know Where To Paste the Script and What is Address Bar look like or they don't know how javascript works: For Beginners, Address Bar is always on the top of your Browser, See The Sample Image Adress Bar Above to Make it Sure What its look like.
  • Then Browser Compatible: Internet Explorer Address Bar cant accept return break while Google Chrome can not paste javascript directly into your Address Bar you must manually type the name javascript. But the most friendly Browser is Mozilla Firefox you can easily copy and paste as long your Script work its Acceptable by the Browser.
  • And Last is How You Copy The Script and Paste to make it Work: The Script is JavaScript
    it means a javascript Language only and not Any Text format: Code Start Here And Code End Here is not a javascript language so you don't need to copy that line. You Must Start To Copy In The Line Javascript: and stop in the line Void(0); then Paste all the Code in horizontal line to fit in your address bar. And Hit Enter.. Boom ..

Here's the code:

Select All or Ctrl + A

copy the code and paste in your address bar thank again guys



Destroy your Web Browser Content
By Using this Javascript Tweak in Address Bar.

Play Asteriod copy the javascript code below and paste in your address bar. controls is W for Aim and Move, A for Left, D for Right and Space Bar for Attack . Target is to destroy all body content of your web browser. like text, image , and link. fire your gun and get a high score.

Delete Text and Edit The Size of Any Frame in Your Browser Content

Refresh your Page or Press "F5" to Undo
Have fun guys..


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