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Friday, July 24, 2009

Free SpecialForce Ph WallHack and DLL Injector From CodeCatcher

Note: If You Installed Avira Anti-Virus in Your Computer pls Deactivate the AntiVir Guard Before downloading the DLL File (Cause Avira will Ignore this file to download) but don’t Worry this file are not a Virus. For Sure, Download this Anti Virus “Avast” and Scan all The DLL file you download or Use My USB Disk Security Fullversion (Unlimited ).Then Freez all your File for Protection use Deep Freeze 6.53 Standard With FulL Serial Key. The File listed below are Free to download and not for sale.

Download WireFrame5.6.dll FuLL (236KB): Here
Download DxtCode4PublicV2.dll (424.35): Here
Download DxtCode4PublicD3D.dll (2.52MB): Here
Download WireFrame5.6.dll Trial (236KB): Here
Download sucrose.dll (1.23MB): Here
Download sucroseRED.dll (484KB ): Here Password ( "bryan" )
Download blackrain.dll (632KB): Here
Download SmartzSpeed.dll (128KB): Here
Download SmartWHZ.dll (209KB): Here
Download d3d8.dll (1.13MB): Here
Download redWH.dll (13KB): Here
Download blueWH.dll (13KB): Here
Download Interface Hook.dll (36KB): Here
Download sfwallhack.dll (192KB): Here
Download XQZ Wallhack.dll (72KB): Here
Download SmartzWHZ.v3.dll (13.5KB): Here
Download Npr.GG Breaker.dll (116KB): Here To remove Unexpected GG Error
Download crhex.dll (13.5KB): Here
Download GG_emulator.dll (13.5KB): Here
Download msvcr100.dll(743.31 KB): Here
Download SmartzWHZ.v3.4.dll(134.5 KB): Here

Note: XQZ Wallhack.dll, NewReborn.dll, and Nakedd3d hook.dll are the same. You can also download the latest update of OCX files Here if you see the message "Componet 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly regesterd: a file is missing or invalid. DLL DxtCode4PublicV2.dll and DxtCode4PublicD3D.dll are DLL from DXT Hack. But now this 2 DLL's are not in use because of leecher... xD. update Aug. 9, 2009..

Download FInject Injector (2.89MB): Here
Download AirDrop Injector (828KB): Here
Download D3hacks Injector (607KB): Here
Download x1nject Injector (262KB): Here
Download Stealth Injector Green (576KB): Here
Download OMFGZ MultiDll Injector (100KB):): Here
Download OMFGZ Infinite Injector (280KB):): Here
Download Cheetah Injector (811KB): Here
Download Injec-TOR Injector (244KB): Here

Download AimPoint (80KB): Here

To Use SpecialForce Wallhack

Computer must have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest version and Microsoft Net framework 2.0.
Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x64: Here
Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86: Here
Download dotnetfix 2.0 : Here
and USB 2.0 FLASH Drive to save all the DLL and Injector File.
Download also Winrar and PowerISO to Extract the file.

1. Install Microsoft Net framework 2.0 and download d3d8.dll and paste it in your C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory but make sure that you have a copy or backup of the original d3d8.dll file before replacing it in C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory or save it in your USB Flash Drive to make it sure.

2. Now Download this Rar File Sucrose and save it in your computer and Extract. Then open the Extracted folder ("Sucrose_codecatcher.blogspot.com") and find the file name Sucrose.rar inside the directory and Extract.
My Password is

Now you can see the File name Sucrose.iso. Save this Sucrose.iso File in your USB Flash Drive for BackUp.

3. In Your USB Flash Drive, Create a New Folder name MyWaLL and Extract the Sucrose.iso file in your Newly Created Folder name MyWaLL. Now lets Start Hacking...

4. Open SpecialForce Launcher, Then Type Your User name and Password but dont Press Start because we not finnish yet. In your USB Flash Drive find the Folder named MyWaLL and double click OMFGZ MultiDll Injector. See the image below...

After you complete all the task click Start (SpecialForce launcher). If the Injector turn to red it means that the DLL has Succesfully Injected. Now Click Ok

Note: If the black Screen Appear Eject or PuLL Your "USB FLASH DRIVE" out on your PC. If WallHack Detected or Disconnected try Again Until Undetected. Comment Naman Kayo Dyan .. xD Joke Lng..

For A New WallHack July 29, 2009:
Download WireFrame5.6.dll above link "this DLL is Undetected". You can use Flash Drive for OMFGZ MultiDll Injector and Stealth Injector Green for None "USB FLASH DRIVE User's".


Download WireFrame5.6.dll, Comdlg32.ocx and Stealth Injector Green and Put this 3 files in the Same Directory.
In DLL section Browse the File WireFrame5.6.dll. In Process section Put the address of your game Special Force ("C:\Program Files\Special Force\Specialforce.exe") then Check the Auto Inject to Enable, Click Update then Click Add. Use Stealth Method, Now Start Your Special Force Launcher after you Click Srart Exit your Stealth Injector Or Use Injector x1nject.exe.Thanks Happy Hacking..

Hacks Update WireFrame5.6 and Sucrose is now Detected August 11, 2009
But you can use "No Recoil" Cheat for a while Download NoReCoiL and Install or Extract in \Special Force\Data\Scr Folder then start Special Force Launcher.

Download NoReCoiL: Here
Download AntiSmoke: Here
Download CharacterChamz: Here
Download Venezia[ice]: Here
Download EyeOFCodeCatcher: Here
Download ClearScope[Code]: Here
Download BlueChamz[FulLBody]: Here
Download UltimateCheat[tatoo.Guns]: Here
Download GletZ: Here

New Update Cheats in Special Force Aug, 21 2009.
CharacterChamz that make your Char into Colored Uniform ("Red Head and Green Body, hmm! like Sucrose heheh.. but you Cant see other Char through Wall unlike Sucrose Wallhack") and last is AntiSmoke for Anti Smoke Grenade. Download this 2 cheat CharacterChamz and Extract or install in Special Force\Data\force Folder And AntiSmoke in Special Force\Data\area Folder Make Sure you Have a Backup. This 2 cheats is just For Fun hehehe..Opps.. i forgot to Say, Try this Edited Map in Venezia All places covered With Ice and Ultimate Cheat. In Data - Area Section Of Special Force Extract the Rar file Venezia[ice] and UltimateCheat[tatoo.Chamz.Gunz]. Thanks..have Fun lol..

For Fun, I Teach you how to Edit The Scope of Special Force *.SFF File using Packer and Unpacker Program by Revenger. Thanks to you Bro.. The Image Below is a Sample Scope Made By Me and i Call That Scope as a Eye of CodeCatcher :) lolz.. The Default image size is 256 width and 256 height and the image File Format is BMP. Create your Own Image Scope for More Head Shot.

First you must Download the Program RVGunpaker then Install or Extract the file in SFF FILE folder.

.:: To Unpack The File::.
-Now Open RVGunpacker
-Click Browse and choose your *.sff file to Unpack
-Click Browse again and Select a folder to put the Unpack Files
-Choose UnPack Files
-Now Press “Pack into Soldier Front Files”

::.To Package a File::.
-Change the setting Of RVGunpacker in tool folder then save
-Delete the sff file you Unpack so that RVGunpacker create a new edited file
-Choose Pack Files
-Now Press “Pack into Soldier Front Files”

Download RVGUnpacker[Revenger]: here

An all-male California Dance Troupe Who First Gained Fame by Appearing on the First Season of America's Got Talent.


Have Fun on your Favorite Dance Crew Download This JabbaWockeeZ Force in Special Force Data Folder for Free Try and Have Some Fun..

CoDEWoCkEeZv2.1[CodeCatcher]: Here

Shanghai Village is Out OF water lolz, Try these new cheats and make shanghai MAP into a DRYLAND no water to FalL. Download the file and paste it into your Special Force Data Area Folder. The Download File is area_012.sff. If your Area Folder contain these file. Rename the Downloaded File into area _013.sff to overcome file existing. Have Fun Thanks..

Download DryLand[Shanghai]: Here

Download DeadPool_Delta[CodeCatcher]: Here

Download Terminator_Rokmc[CodeCatcher]: Here

Download The_Punisher_Spetsnaz[CodeCatcher]: Here

Download CaptainAmerica_GIGN[CodeCatcher]: Here

New Cheat Update ...

The SniperMap Glitch
Walls Like WireFrame And Sucrose are Undetected by using PowerISO and Perfect Timing on UNMOUNTING the Drive. As of now, you can use Glitch that work on SnipMap. Download the File Below and Have Fun and More HeadShot.. lol

I Have New Hack that ByPass SpecialForce GameGuard and the Result. My all SFF file are Work Fine and Undetected. Now im using JavaWockeez,CaptainAmerica,Punisher, BoxGlitch ClearScope and the Most Nice things is Venezia DryLand lol.. but i dont want to POSt Here.. so that Special Force Editor cant ByePass or Patch the Hack.. and Other Reason is.. hehehehe wala akong na Re-recieve na Comment sa Blog kahit Simpling Thanks.. lng .. Now is Time to Make Hack Private..

Download SniperMap[Glitch]:Here
Download Aimpoint[Undetected]: Here

Download WeaponHAck[CodeCatcher]: Here
Download CodeWockeeZv2.2[CodeCatcher]: Here
Download PSF2009Gift[CodeCatcher]: Here

Download CodeCatcher[WH110809]: Here Have fun and enjoy to download latest update about this WallHack pls Click Here and Credits goes to barny21 for made the Hack. Thanks to you Bro.. More Power and Hacks Will come lolz...

Note: Here is the List Of Undetected Hack Update 11/21/09 By CodeCatcher

.:: Requirements to Activate all the Hacks ::.
* Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x64
* Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86
* dotnetfix 2.0
* Winrar
* PowerISO

Download and Install Above Requirements

.:: Edited Char ::.
* CodeWockeeZv2.2[CodeCatcher]
* CaptainAmerica_GIGN[CodeCatcher]
* The_Punisher_Spetsnaz[CodeCatcher]
* Terminator_Rokmc[CodeCatcher]
* DeadPool_Delta[CodeCatcher]
* DryLand[Shanghai]

Download one of the Following and Paste the SFF file in "Data/Force" Folder of SpecialForce and Make Sure you Change the Number of the SFF file to [x] to Bypass GameGuard.

.:: Edited Maps and Mods ::.
* GletZ
* DryLand[Shanghai]

Download one of the Following and Paste the SFF file in "Data/Area" Folder of SpecialForce and Make Sure you Change the Number of the SFF file to [x] to Bypass GameGuard.

* PSF2009Gift[CodeCatcher]
* WeaponHAck[CodeCatcher]

Download one of the Following and Extract, Copy the Extracted Exe File and Paste in the Main Folder of PSF in Which you can Find dflauncher,DFPatcher and specialforce Main. Run PSF2009Gift or WeaponHack and Click Hack and Close if Done.

.:: Latest WallHack ::.

* CodeCatcher[WH110809]

Download This Undetected Wall and Extract it in any Location you want. Find the File Name CodeCatcher[WH110809]Hacked by Mammoth And Run Log in Your Account and Password in SF luncher.. Press Insert to Show the Menu and Insert again to Disable.. Happy Walling...

.:: Miscellaneous ::.

* Aimpoint[Undetected]
* RVGUnpacker[Revenger]

Download Aimpoint For Auto CROSSHAIR undetected and RVGUnpacker to Edit SFF File

.:: New WaLLHack UndetecteD ::.

CHARACTER CHAM + CROSSHAIR Update August 16, 2010

Download the 2 DLL's
Npr.GG Breaker.dll (116KB): Here
To remove UnExpected GG Error
SmartzWHZ.v3.dll (13.5KB): Here
Use x1nject Injector: Here

See the Image Guide Below:

-== Tips For Imba Jump or High Jump ==-

You don't need a File to download.
Just edit the File config_new.cfg
and change
*setcontrol "DIK_L_CONTROL" KNEE
*setcontrol "DIK_SPACE" KNEE
and Save your File config_new.cfg

To edit Find the File config_new.cfg inside of Folder Special Force
then Right Click the File and Open With ( "as Notepad" )Find the line
*setcontrol "DIK_L_CONTROL" KNEE
then change to
*setcontrol "DIK_SPACE" KNEE and save. See the image for better guide.

Note: This tips will make you Jump high but not as much but it helps just use "SPACEBAR". thanks..

.:: New Release Hack PSF SmartWhz version v3.4 Public hack (undetected) ::.

Download the File Below

* Download msvcr100.dll(743.31 KB): Here
* Download SmartzWHZ.v3.4.dll(134.5 KB): Here
* Download x1nject Injector (262KB): Here

See the image Guide below:

Happy Gaming
Download na habang Undetected Pa xD

.:: USF PSF Premium Hack ::.
Status: Undetected (OS) Windows Xp Sp2
Date: 09/20/2010
Press [INSERT KEY] to Activate the Hack
And use Arrow Keys to toggle ON and OFF

Note: Before Extract make sure you Disable Your AntiVir Guard then put it back after Use at Your Own Risk! lol..

* Download USPSFPremium[Code].dll (636KB): Here
* Download x1nject Injector (262KB): Here

Download na Guys Para Pantay Ang Laban ..
Sorry na lang sa Walang Hack wahehehehe.. .

Oppss.. Medyo Bc palevel sa Ninja Saga
Nalimutan ko SF tuloy Hehehe.
Kong like nyo Hack sa Ninja Saga Alpha
Click nyo itong Link. " Click Here "

Try nyo ito. Download nyo lang at paki Off nyo muna AntiVir Bago Gamitin:

* Download USPSFPremium[Code.v2.0].dll (378KB): Here
* Download x1nject Injector (262KB): Here

.:: Date: 02/20/2011 ::.

* Download Unrealboard PSF Public v12.rar (421.43KB): Here
or Visit there Main Site Here for more Updates of Unreal skill Cheat latest version v13.

To All Special Force Addicts!
SF Singapore is Now Available in Philippines

In order to Play Special Force: Singapore Chapter

1. Go to http://sf.dfigames.com
2. Sign Up and you'll be directed to DFIGames Passport site
3. Fill up all particulars information in the form provided.
4. Please Read and Check "Terms of Services" before you click I Accept.
5. Now you have to verify your email address to activate your account.
6. Log in to your email which you just registered at the DFIGames passport
7. Read the email and click the Verification URL to activate your account.
8. if you haven't downloaded sf game client, click Next which will be direct you to sf download page: http://sf.dfigames.com/download/default.aspx

If there is no Email from no-reply@dfigames.com in your "Inbox", be sure to check your "Junk" or "Spam folders".

Download Singapore Special Force with PH Client Multiple Install. Here

Register now and login your Registered Email as "User ID" and Registered Password as "User Password" and Get 30,000 SP and 200 D-Coins for FREE!.

Update New WallHack


1. Download and extract the file
2. Open Injector and Browse PGZSFDFIPublic.dll
3. change the name gunz.exe to specialforce.exe in what to inject
4. Click Game Start and wait until the CMD or Command Prompt will be gone
5. Wait until you are in the lobby
6. Press "F10 or HOME" to toggle on/off the menu

Download SF DFI Public Cheat Plus PSF GG Emulator Free: Here

New release OMFGZ Infinite Dll Injector v2.1

Download OMFGZ Infinite Dll Injector v2.1: Here

To run this program You need to have 3 following files in your System32 folder comctl32.ocx , Comdlg32.ocx and MSINET.OCX or in "C:\Windows\System32"

Note: all the File are Pack in Winrar and make Sure you have that one if not Please install Winrar to Extract and Open The File. And Put Your Cursor in [x] to see the Bypass SFF Number.. like What i have said You can Download all, and it’s free to use for public view “only” and not for sell. This Web is not Liable for Errors of Downloading and Installing Without the Permission of Any Copyright Holder Fair Use and Fair Dealing Must.

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